Hall of Fame

In 2016 the Milford Rotary Club inaugurated a  new award – The 100 Holes Hall of Fame.

The inaugural inductees included the 100 Holes founders and three longstanding supporters of this great event. Congratulations to all!

Edward “Ted” Jordan Founder ( award accepted by Mrs. Ted Jordan)
Michael “Mike” Lavallee Founder (award accepted by Adam Lavallee)
Joseph “Joe” Clement Henniker Rotarian, longtime golfer who sells over $12,000 in raffle tickets each year
Richard “Fitz” Fitzgerald Milford Rotarian who has played in all 22 100 Holes events
The Amherst Country Club Our great supporters and the best venue for 100 Holes!
The 2016 100 Holes Hall Of Fame Inductees


The 2017 100 Holes of Golf  Hall Of Fame Inductees
Steve Desmarais A consummate 100 Holes golfer, Steve has played in 22 events and supported this tournament since Day 1. Steve always “has a blast” at 100 Holes of Golf!
Connie Dionne A longtime member of Rotary and currently an Honorary Milford Rotarian, Connie has  worked for decades with various Rotary Clubs, including Hudson, to enlist golfers and sell raffle tickets. For over ten years he has made sure that NY Life is well represented on the 100 Holes course.
Alec Buchanan Milford Rotarian, 100 Holes golfer liaison for 15 years, and player for 22 years. Alec was around when his former law partner Ted Jordan had the original brainstorm with Mike Lavallee to create this event and has been principle supporter ever since!


The 2018 100 Holes of Golf  Hall Of Fame Inductees
Sam Kenton
When we first started this tournament Sam lived in Merrimack and heard about 100 Holes through playing at  the ACC. He played for the first time in the 2nd annual event and like many who try it  he fell in love with it. Even moves to Amesbury, MA and now South Berwick, ME didn’t deter him. He’s been back for 21 tournaments since missing one  7 or 8 years ago. He scheduled his out of town vacation before he knew when that years tournament would be played. Sam is rightfully proud that all the fun he has had has resulted in the many thousand dollars he raised all going to charitable causes. A super Win-Win! He has been a winner more than once and today he had every golfer’s dream – a hole in one. Sam is truly “one of the good guys” and we are happy to induct him into the 100 Holes Hall of Fame.
Marc Chareth Marc has been a Milford Rotarian since 1993. Since his Rotary induction he has been a consummate 100 Holes Champion as a player, ticket seller, sponsor, Event Chair for several years, and, more recently, Chief Golfer herder!  What else is there to say?  Marc is  and has been a principal part of the success of 100 Holes Of Golf In One Day for many years . We are proud to honor him this year for his past and future leadership!
Eugene Madigan To be presented at an upcoming MRC Club Meting